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In response to the burgeoning demographic trend of an aging population, Gold Stream Retirement Communities has strategically honed its focus on the development of upscale real estate investment retirement communities, particularly targeting underserved markets.

Real Estate Investment

The concept of upscale retirement communities introduces a fresh perspective to aging in place. These communities are designed with a keen attention to detail, combining luxurious amenities and top-tier services that cater to the evolving lifestyle aspirations of seniors. Gold Stream recognizes that today’s retirees seek more than just functional living spaces; they desire an environment that fosters active engagement, social connections, and personal fulfillment. By blending opulent accommodations with carefully curated activities and wellness programs, these communities become vibrant hubs where residents can embrace their passions, explore new interests, and forge meaningful relationships.

In the process of developing these upscale retirement communities, Gold Stream takes a holistic approach that encompasses architectural brilliance, environmental sustainability, and community integration. These communities are more than just residences; they are meticulously planned ecosystems that seamlessly blend comfort with functionality. The architectural designs prioritize open spaces, accessibility, and state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring that residents can navigate their living spaces with ease and enjoy a range of activities that promote physical and mental well-being.

Gold Stream’s commitment to environmental sustainability not only aligns with the growing global awareness of eco-conscious living but also resonates with retirees who want to leave a positive impact on the world. Incorporating energy-efficient technologies, green spaces, and sustainable building practices, these communities offer a harmonious blend of modern luxury and responsible living.

The integration of the communities within the local fabric is a testament to Gold Stream’s dedication to fostering a sense of belonging. Collaborations with local businesses, cultural institutions, and community organizations enrich the lives of both residents and the surrounding neighborhoods. This interconnectedness ensures that retirees have access to a wide array of experiences, from engaging in local art exhibitions to enjoying regional cuisine.

Gold Stream Retirement Communities’ strategic focus on developing upscale retirement communities in underserved markets showcases an innovative and forward-looking approach to addressing the needs and desires of an aging population. By melding opulence with inclusivity, comfort with sustainability, and personal growth with community engagement, Gold Stream is not only redefining retirement living but also contributing to the betterment of society at large.

Our Elevated Retirement Communities


Retirement Community

86-unit facility with 14 townhomes, total of 100 units:

  • 60 Independent Living units
  • 30 Assisted Living units
  • 10 Memory Care units


Retirement Community

104 units, 5 triplex cottages for a total of 119 units:

  • 67 Independent Living units (52 apartments, 15 triplex units)
  • 37 Assisted Living units
  • 15 Memory Care units


Assisted Living & Memory Care

92 units:

  • 60 Assisted Living units
  • 20 Memory Care units
  • 10 High Acuity units



44 Luxury 55+ homes with access to a social membership including usage of all facility amenities in Snow Canyon Retirement Community


Retirement Community


Retirement Community

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